About Premier Plastics Inc.

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Proud to be American Made

Premier Plastics is a Midwestern injection molding company based in Omaha, Nebraska. Since its inception, Premier has been known as a firm willing to mold the "tough" jobs most injection molders aren't interested in. Where others see problems, the Premier tradition is to look for the opportunity to help our customer. We encourage you to call us with your tough projects — whether the parts are difficult to manufacture or labor-intensive, or the run volume is small by our competitors' standard, we are willing to work with you to find a solution that works for your business.

Premier Plastics was founded in 1983 by the owners of Herman's Engraving, an Omaha tool and die shop specializing in building plastic injection molds for the Agriculture, Housing and Automotive industries — markets the company still serves over 35 years later.

Ted Sondgeroth acquired the business in June 2018 and is actively involved in its everyday operations. Recent investments in employees and a capital infusion into new equipment have enhanced the company's competitive position and paved the way for continued growth.

Even as its markets become more diverse, its customers share a common need — attention to precision molded parts and superior customer service. The company continues to deliver both.

To see what kind of capabilities we have simply click here for a list of our Injection Molding Equipment.


Our advantage, and distinct privilege, is that our American workers have been making nylon fittings for over 30 years. We help Americans make their dreams come true.



If you’re looking for the best made Styrofoam cooler look no further…ours are made by Airlite Plastics here in Omaha. We’re their exclusive distributor.

LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber)

LSR is great for extreme temp environments like gaskets or stove top hot pads. It’s also great for skin contact applications and so much more.