Fat Brain Toys

Putting All the Right Pieces Together

Case History

Fat Brain Toys had a unique problem: they were rapidly growing through reselling popular toys developed by other companies. Then, the fast-growing retailer wanted to launch a toy that they had conceived. The problem — they had little experience in working with an injection molding company from concept through finished product.

Premier Plastics was able to quickly determine that they were a good fit for Fat Brain's new toy. We quickly:

  • Sourced all components.
  • Established dimensional criteria.
  • Implemented a plan to meet the Christmas season.


Our advantage, and distinct privilege, is that our American workers have been making nylon fittings for over 30 years. We help Americans make their dreams come true.



If you’re looking for the best made Styrofoam cooler look no further…ours are made by Airlite Plastics here in Omaha. We’re their exclusive distributor.

LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber)

LSR is great for extreme temp environments like gaskets or stove top hot pads. It’s also great for skin contact applications and so much more.