Insulated Foam (EPS) Shipping Containers
Effective March 4, 2013
S-Line   T-Line
Shipping Containers   Shipping Containers
(1 ½" Wall Thickness)   (2" Wall Thickness)
Stock # Price   Stock # Price
S4-1$6.64   T10-1$9.95
S4-120$625.28   T10-45$347.20
S5-1$7.63   T20-1$12.47
S5-90$537.93   T20-24$241.84
S6-1$7.50   T50-1$19.35
S6-100$571.43   T50-20$316.36
S8-1$8.53   T100-1$30.44
S8-75$489.33   T100-12$312.55
S11-1$8.39   T110-1$32.01
S11-60$387.54   T110-16$451.29
S13-1$9.47   T120-1$33.51
S13-60$438.75   T120-8$236.56
S16-72$613.13   CS-Line
S17-1$11.81   (1 ½" Wall Thickness)
S17-63$545.24   CS1-180$512.72
S18-1$12.16   CS2-108$466.00
S18-72$668.02   CS3-60$341.82
S20-54$522.54   Freeze Packs
S20L-1$12.84   See pricing under the
S20L-54$542.23   Gel Packs page.
S33-40$485.37   Sporting Goods
S36-1$17.41   S99-12$18.70
S36-36$480.22   S25$35.81
S40-1$17.92   S10$53.43
S40-36$489.14   S10A$49.57
S45-1$18.81   S10-L$30.81
S45-35$505.99   S7R$26.26
S52-1$19.18   S14R$28.01
S52-25$378.78   S22$32.74
S52L-1$20.31   S22RHD$34.33
S52L-25$403.97   S30$40.89
S70-1$25.21   S30RHD$43.64
S70-12$220.24   S48$62.09
S80-1$26.21   S-12L$23.31

Ideal for most frozen and temperature-sensitive products.

In stock sizes to fit most needs

EPS Shipping Container dimensions can vary +/- ¼" after manufacturing is completed.

1 ½" (6 R-Value) & 2" (8 R-Value) thick expanded polystyrene (EPS) products.

Tight-fitting two-step lids provide a better seal.

Available in assembled 150# test corrugated carton (-1) or in unboxed tray packs.

Minimum order - $50.00. All product shipped FOB Omaha NE

Distributed by: Premier Plastics, Inc. 4880 S 134th Street, Omaha, NE 68137

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Distributed by Premier Plastics, Inc.
4880 S 134th Street, Omaha, NE 68137
Phone: 402-346-2998 x103 | Fax: 402-346-7679
Toll Free: 866-446-2998 x103